Truck has backed up with Isaiah Thomas to Nuggets - but it's not Brinks

Former Celtics star, Isaiah Thomas, has finally found a place to land for the upcoming season. Isaiah has signed with the Denver Nuggets for one year at the veteran minimum, which would be roughly 2 million considering his seven NBA seasons.

Thomas has been a woeful defender for various teams in the League, but few players have created such excitement on the court. Listed at a generous 5'9", he could literally tear an opposing team apart with his scoring and passing skills.

Who can forget Game Two of the 2017 playoff series versus the Washington Wizards. Isaiah poured in 53 points on 55% from the field, 42% on threes, and 92% from the foul line, while adding four assists and three steals. Boston won that game and the series, to go on to the Eastern Finals against Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Prior to that electrifying performance, Isaiah had lost his sister, Chyna, in a terrible automobile accident and a tooth in Game One of the same series. The irony to me is that My daughter, Lisa, and my terminally-ill grand-daughter, Courtney, encountered Thomas in a medical facility elevator on May 3rd. Lisa told me, "Dad, he looked exhausted!" The additional irony, as I later determined, was that Courtney was born one day before Chyna Thomas, on May 1, 1994.

The good news is that Isaiah has found not only a home for the upcoming season, but apparently also the right environment for him to make a comeback from his hip injury and just plain bad luck. His much-anticipated Brinks truck never showed up with maximum-contract money, but his minimum contract will allow him to get back on the floor, hopefully at full strength and health. We certainly wish him well.

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Photo via Matt Stone/Boston Herald