Robert Williams reportedly misses flight, first Summer League practice

If anyone out there has an alarm clock they can lend Robert Williams, it's looking like the guy could use one.

According to multiple reports, the recent Boston Celtics draftee missed his flight for Summer League practice, which began today.

In and of itself, missing a flight isn't the end of the universe, but when we're talking about a prospect who slid all the way out of the lottery and almost out of the first round, it's a bit concerning.

Throw in the fact Williams has already overslept on official Celtics business, missing his own introductory conference call the morning after being selected 27th overall by Boston in the 2018 NBA Draft - well, I'll say it, I'm officially concerned.
We're still in the realm of bad luck and lack of experience being a plausible excuse for these issues, but the newest Celtic is going to need to shape up in a hurry if he doesn't want to find himself in the news for all the wrong reasons.

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Image: Michael Dyer/AP
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