Robert Williams' mistakes could cost him...literally

Robert Williams had better shape up fast, because his mistakes could end being costly ones, and not in the figurative sense.

After starting off on the wrong foot with the Boston Celtics after oversleeping for an introductory conference call, Williams upped the ante by missing his flight to Summer League practice earlier this week.

Robert, who ended up being selected by Boston after sliding out of the lottery and into the Celtics' range at No. 27 overall in the 2018 NBA Draft, fell largely on account of concerns over his work ethic.

With recent days giving the appearance of substance to those concerns, Williams' narrative has quickly pivoted from "sleeper of the draft" to "oversleeper of the draft", and it might not just end up making him the "Boo Butt" (as he is known to be called) of jokes, but possibly cold, hard cash.

You see, Bob (which he reportedly does not like to be called) has yet to be signed, and while it is customary to afford new draftees the maximum available salary they are allowed to be paid, 120% of the base rate set by the collective bargaining agreement by draft position, it isn't required.

In William's case at 27, the base rate is $1.379 million, meaning the Celtics would normally pay him the 120% rate of $1.655 million, but teams can pay as little as 80% of that base rate should they have a reason for doing so.
I should note this discounted rate is very much the exception, and not the rule by any means. But, it's also a tool to mitigate risk - and the cap hit of that risk - should Bobby give Danny Ainge and company anything further to be concerned with.

Whatever ends up shaking out with this newest Celtic, it's more likely that his peers will motivate him than a salary demotion, given he already managed to rob himself out of a few million by creating (or at least failing to control) the narrative about his motor and conditioning.

For my part, I plan on calling him Bob, Bobby, and maybe even Dr. Sleep until he gets himself to the arena and on the court with surgical precision.

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