Pick-up player calls cops for illegal screen - evidence of "Kendrick Perkins stuff"

Like many of our readers, I have played countless basketball pick-up games and I have never seen the likes of this. But as a retired Police Lieutenant, I will tell you that the jokes will be flying at the police station once the anger dies down.

In the first tweet below, it appears that in a pick-up game, someone set a hard screen, causing the player being screened to fall down. The fallen player then told the participants that he was calling the police. Any readers out there that have seen this actually happen, please tell us in the comment section.

The information is sketchy, and I admit I may have it wrong, but the caller is apparently the guy in black standing next to the cop to the right of the photo. The guy in the head band and shooting sleeves is taking a lot of grief via Twitter for his pick-up attire, but he is not the offending caller. The only offense he may have committed is his attire.

There you have it. People, including cops, are getting killed in the streets, and this guy calls the police station, probably on the 911 emergency line, to report an illegal basketball screen. In 20 years of police work, I had plenty of petty calls, but none exactly like this.

And why bring two former Celtics into the fray. Kevin Garnett had a mean mouth on the court, but I doubt that would be an offense (I can't believe the things he said to opponents). And Kendrick? Okay, he gave hard fouls.

The other guys at the station will have a ball with this one. "He called us for what???" "When you heard illegal screen you must have thought it was about a stolen porch door." "Did you investigate the crime scene." "What do the footprint impressions tell you?" I can hear it all now!

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Photo via Brian Babineau/Getty Images