Marcus Smart is excited to stay in Boston and compete for a title

The most tenured Celtic, Marcus Smart, is staying with Boston after finalizing a four-year, $52 million deal on Thursday. Topher recently examined why Smart's new extension was a great move for the Celtics, but the deal is really a win-win for both parties. Smart got paid around the amount he wanted, while also staying on a contender, where his little game-changing plays are most valuable. The Celtics got their bulldog back at what should be considered a good price in today's ever-increasing market.

Smart is "thrilled" to be returning to Boston and was happy with the contract valuation:

Can you imagine if Smart ended up with the Kings or Nets? His clutch offensive rebounds over seven-footers and multiple, game-clinching offensive charges taken on MVPs (what's up, James Harden?) would be put to waste. He's the type of player who was made for a contending team, and he surely feels the same way. That's another reason he seemed excited about staying with the Celtics:

“This is where I want to be, and I’m ready to put a green jersey back on and get to work. I’m determined to help my teammates bring another championship to the best fans in the world.”

If you think locking up a four-year deal will take away any of Smart's motor or determination, you should probably think again. The 24-year-old always comes out playing hard and looking to do whatever it takes to get wins. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the structure of his fresh contract provides some extra incentive to stay in shape and not take his foot off the gas pedal. His salary increases each season, and there is a $500k bonus each year for a body fat weigh in:

I don't think this incentive will be the reason Smart is out there diving on loose balls and snatching tough rebounds, though...

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Photo via Celtics