Marcus Morris, Aron Baynes join Al Horford in re-upping on...fatherhood?

Who knew the Hospital Celtics would convert into the Maternity Ward Celtics this summer?
I mean, besides their wives and families, of course - it seems Marcus Morris just became the proud father of Marcus Thomas Morris Jr., not long after Aron Baynes and his wife had themselves a wee one of their own.
This was on the heels of Al Horford and wife Amelia Vega having a new daughter, a few months after Jayson Tatum's new child and a few months ahead of Gordon Hayward and family's expected baby girl.

I don't know if it's a coincidence, or if the team is feeling extra...celebratory about their chances for a title this coming season, but the way things are going, I hope the new Auerbach Center has a daycare!

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Image: Chris Christo/Boston Herald
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