Jayson Tatum already improving strength and gaining muscle

Jayson Tatum wasted no time getting into the gym once the Celtics were eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He apparently has made significant strength gains and adding muscle will follow, though more slowly. The link between the two processes is poorly understood, and the confusion can be seen in Chris Mannix' tweets below. It is not unusual. Looks can be deceiving.

Some have made comparisons between Jayson and Kevin Durant. Durant came into the League at 212 pounds and now plays at roughly 242 pounds at 6'11". Kevin will never be known as a bruiser, but he holds his own against bigger players. His added strength and muscle are the result, as always, from time in the gym and nutritional changes. Does Durant look like a 240-pounder? No, he doesn't. Did I mention looks can be deceiving.

Tatum came into the NBA at 205 lbs. at 6'8". He has said that he is now up to 210 pounds. He may find his ideal weight will fall in the 215-225 pound range, adding muscle and getting body fat low. Take a look at the early and more-recent photos of Durant.

The perception of some may be that if Jayson starts the season at 220 pounds, 15 pounds above his rookie weight, it will adversely affect his speed, quickness and leaping ability. Not so. This coming season we may get a good look at the absolute beast Tatum can become. His rebounding, maintaining control of the ball on drives and ability to fight through screens will all improve. He's working on that right now.

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Tatum photo via Matt West/Boston Herald
Durant photos via NewsOK.com