Green Envy: LeBron left again, what Cavs fans said - 7/1/18

Well, it happened again - LeBron James spurned his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers for greener other pastures. While it's not exactly shocking that he's leaving the mess he helped construct over in Cleveland it certainly still burns for the majority of the Cavs faithful. As soon as I saw the news I headed over to notorious Cavalier fan hangouts to get the instant reactions and per usual they did not disappoint. As always, these are real comments from real Cavs fans.

Top Three:

Hello darkness, my old friend.

God this sucks but at least there’s hope in the Browns...Kill me

Can't wait to overpay a 38 year old LeBron in 4 years!

Celtics Shade:

Stuck here in Boston. This explains all the cheering and honking I hear.

The only way BOS was ever gonna make it to the Finals.
Just watch Philly bitch slap them back to the off-season this time.

Philly lacked experience though. Just watch. I’m hoping Boston misses the Finals for another four straight years.
I hope so too. Philly is way more likeable.

This is all Kyrie’s fault.

dan gilberts fault
Lol sure the guy who broke the bank for 4 years to appease Bron is to blame. Not the flat earther who nuked the franchise.

Full Slate:

Evidently his "coming home" speech was pure bull shit.

I want to vomit. No way the Lakers beat the Rockets or the Warriors

I don’t know man. Thanks for the championship. Will be forever grateful. But, uh, kinda wish him the worst in this venture.

IDK about y'all but I'm looking forward to $5 Cavs tickets this upcoming season

It really sucks, but it’s like a weight is off our backs. I can just watch Cavs basketball and enjoy the little things again

Pros: Young guys get a chance to develop.
Cons: T. Lue probably ain't teaching them shit.

My summer of misery continues. Now I have to watch Colin Sexton pretend to know what a baskeball is.

I’ll be excited to see how we respond.
How are we going to respond? We’re going to do jack shit for the next 15 years.

Ready to afford game tickets again!

Who’s gonna be the a-hole who burns his jersey and makes everyone look bad?

The guy couldn’t at least let us trade him to get something in return? Thanks bron. For leaving us high and dry. Again.

I won’t miss the whole noncommittal, holding the team hostage thing.

Do we at least have our first round picks on hand??

2016 will be the only championship the city of Cleveland will see in my lifetime.

Kinda makes all of the "home" talk from his letter sound pretty hollow.

Just wait until they go through the growing pains and we hear about the LA media trashing LeBron for not being as resilient as Kobe. He will not be respected as much as any other Laker great, not even close.

Ty Lue dusting off his resume for a Middle School assistant coach gig

I’m honestly just glad it’s over. Although I’ve lost a little respect for him going to the Lakers. I’m excited to see a team that’s not held hostage year after year by one player. I had fun in 2010-14.
Yeah I do miss being able to enjoy our awful team from that era. Championship expectations made the last two years pretty miserable

Would’ve been completely cool with it if he’s joining a super team. But he’s not.

I blame JR Smith.

This ring chasing is going to look pathetic in retrospect. Especially if he doesn't even win one in LA.
Bird was a Celtic
Magic was a Laker
Jordan was a Bull
LeBron? Flavor of the month. Whatever team had the best assets that he could burn through for a few years before moving on.

Just want to say this and say this only once…I told you there was no way in hell he was going to Philly.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia:

The best player in the world doesn't even care about winning.. what are we doing?

Lebron to the Lakers has ensured the Sixers vs Celtics rivalry is going to be insane for the next 5 seasons. There aren't any other teams in the NBA with a higher ceiling than these two in my humble opinion.

I wanted lebron so we could beat the celtics. How the fuck are we going to touch them?
You know our guys played in the playoffs for the first time this year, right? How does everyone lose sight of this?
Buddy they beat us with their bench.

The salt in me wants to see LeBron get trounced in the first round by the Warriors next year just so he sees that he has made a terrible decision.

He made a retirement plan, not a basketball plan.

I keep telling myself lebron is old

I'm glad he didn't come.. get him out of the east and continue the process

Simmons and Embiid at their best is still better than Irving and Hayward at their best.

its so stupid for people to do that. Embiid can be the best player in the NBA someday and so could Simmons nobody on Boston has that talent.
Jayson Tatum?

Smacked by the Celtic's skeleton crew in the playoffs, smacked by the Lakers with their beaches and hoes in free agency, it wouldn't be the Sixers if we couldn't include ANOTHER chapter of getting spit on by those two AGAIN.

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