Al Horford, wife Amelia have a new baby girl!

Al Horford is a dad again!

This morning, a lot of us awoke to the news that Horford and his wife Amelia Vega have welcomed a new addition to the Horford family, a baby girl.
For those who can't speak Spanish, "More than thankful with our God for this beautiful princess that comes to bring a little more happiness to our days. Your little brother and sister, dad and mom waited with much anxiousness and love. May God bless my doll forever.

This certainly caught me by surprise, it must have been under wraps for some time, which is fine by me - the Boston Celtics' players family lives are theirs to share or not with us.

Let's all give Al a shout on IG, Twitter, Facebook, etcetera - and none of that nonsense from last time he had a kid, please.

Oh - and one more thing, for those who missed the memo:
Congratulations/felicidades to the Horford Vegas!
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Image: Amelia Vega/IG
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