Watch: Jayson Tatum buries 18 straight threes during a summer workout

Jayson Tatum might just have a bit of a chip on his shoulder after coming in third for Rookie of the Year.

Even if he doesn't, he's already back at work in the gym, working on one of the best shots in the league last season - his first, redshirt or otherwise. If you listen, you can hear his trainer counting up from 36 to 57 as Tatum nails trey after trey after trey - and while the video below says he made 18 in a row, I'm pretty sure the number's higher, even if not nearly 60 straight.

Perhaps there's some other significance regarding the number 18?

I kid, of course. Watch the video above and count for yourself - whatever the total, it's refreshing to see a kid his age putting in this kind of work when he could be playing video games and eating pizza.

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Video: Tomasz Kordelewski
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