Watch: How the Boston Celtics are preparing for the 2018 NBA Draft

The Boston Celtics had six potential draft prospects work out for them yesterday as they sought increased clarity from some key players out of many they've had their eyes on for the 2018 NBA draft.

Narrowing a field that was once as large as 60 young players to come up with the prospect the Celts may end up taking with the 27th overall pick in this year's draft certainly was no cakewalk.

The Celtics may end up going with one of the six they had in yesterday, or they may make a move up or down in the draft.

But, while ever inscrutable, the qualities of those six prospects, rangy - athletic wings and gritty guards (and one enigmatic center) - can be taken as examples of what Danny Ainge and company may be looking for - for those familiar with Ainge's inclinations, this should come as no surprise.

Watch the videos below to hear a little from the prospects themselves, as well as from the front office about what it is the Celtics hope to accomplish in this year's draft.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE
Video: Boston Celtics
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