Watch: Bill Russell flips Charles Barkley the bird LIVE on NBA Awards

If last night's NBA Awards ceremony rubbed you the wrong way, you're in good company.

Of course, former Boston Celtics big man Bill Russell was just doing what many of us do when we see Chuck Barkley grace our television screen involving hand gestures and our opinions of the man - it just happened to be on live television.

Bill says he forgot.

I may not entirely believe him, but he's got to say these things, I suppose, so he can continue giving not giving a shit what we think on the grandest of stages - I prefer that to the typical, "well, he's getting old" excuse folks trot out to explain these moments of glorious candor.

Russell is sharper than a tack, and both are better at pinning down what's actually going on in the league than Chuck will ever be.
As far as I'm concerned, with so many members of the Hospital Celtics going unrecognized, this was easily the high point of the night - watch the clip below to see the bird fly in all its glory.

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Image: Richard Shotwell/Invision
Video: NBA/TNT
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