Video: Who had the best dunk of the 2018 NBA Playoffs?

Who had the best dunk of the 2018 NBA Playoffs?

The NBA's official podcast and television show, The Starters, decided to try and answer that question themselves, and at least two Boston Celtics managed to insert themselves into this conversation, though only one on the end most would prefer.

Aron Baynes had the bad luck of being in the receiving end of one of the nominees, a dunk by Giannis Antetokounmpo in the first round of the East playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Jayson Tatum dunking on LeBron James in the Eastern Conference Finals, however, is my personal vote even accounting for my green-tinted lenses, as there is no better Aron Baynes-type figure out there to dunk on, and few other candidates with so little experience to do the deed itself.

Donovan Mitchell and LeBron himself make up the rest of their field - who do you think deserves the nod here? Watch the video below and let us know in the comment section, as per usual.

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Image: ESPN
Video: NBA
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