The Jaylen Brown to the Mavericks rumor is laughable

A week ago, it was first reported by Sporting News NBA reporter Sean Deveney that the Boston Celtics may be interested in Mo Bamba.

Speculation ensued as to what the Celtics would need do to get the Texas big man, which led to rumors that Boston would attempt to acquire the Dallas Mavericks fifth overall pick. This then led to the rumor that the Celtics may offer Jaylen Brown for the selection. This then led to a mix of reactions out of Boston fans, and not only is this a ridiculous rumor but there have been no indications out of Danny Ainge and Boston that they would have interest in trading their second-year much improved prospect.

Now, rumors are just rumors, but regardless, there is little reason as to why the Celtics would consider doing this. Brown was drafted number three overall in the 2016 draft and although he only averaged 6.6 points in his rookie season, he showed a multitude of potential leading into this past season. He has become one of the most improved players in the NBA and a leader for this team. In his second season, he averaged 14.5 points a game to go along with 4.9 rebounds in the regular season and was even better in the playoffs, where he averaged 18.0 points a game to go along with 4.8 rebounds.

He made massive strides between season one and season two, and there is zero indication as to why Danny Ainge would want to part with his starting shooting guard. In fact, in an interview with A. Sherrod Blakely and Kyle Draper of NBC Sports Boston he was quoted saying, "Very close to as soon as his name gets brought up by other teams I hang up the phone.” That was also before Jaylen helped lead the Celtics mere minutes away from the NBA finals without their two best players. That was before he finished second on the team in both regular season scoring as well as playoff scoring. To get more quickly to the point here, the notion that the Celtics are considering trading their up and coming young star is laughable and ridiculous.

Teams draft players in the top section of the draft hoping they can become what Brown is well on his way to becoming. So, why would the Celtics trade their 21-year-old prospect who has proven to hang with the best, for a prospect who is barely younger and has yet to play a minute? Sorry to disappoint any Dallas Mavericks fans out there, but don't count on it.

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/ NBAE/