The Celtics reportedly tried to trade for Kawhi Leonard back in February

As if the premature (and absurd, if you ask me) LeBron talks weren't enough to keep Celtics media talking during the very early, uneventful parts of the offseason, now there's another headline involving a star player to speculate over. According to Adrian Wojnarowski the Celtics reportedly made a trade offer to the San Antonio Spurs for their star forward Kawhi Leonard back in February.

The proposed deal came around the time of the NBA trade deadline. Woj reported that the Spurs declined Boston's advances and did not even make a counteroffer. No other details about the trade have become public, so it's up to us to formulate any type of package that the Celtics may have put together for him in our heads (and on Twitter...and the comments section).

Regardless of who or what may have been involved, it still seems surprising that Danny Ainge would be flirting with a massive roster shakeup at a time when his team was first place in the East with a 37-19 record and a healthy Kyrie Irving mid-way through February. Plus, Leonard had only played a few games in the season and was clearing dealing with some mysterious lagging injury. It would've surely been a fairly risky move, assuming there was a high asking price for him.

This news also highlights how Ainge is always looking to improve and will never settle for anything. In a league where super-teams seem to be becoming a necessity in order to compete with the best, Danny knows what it takes to contend in today's NBA.

When it comes to the proposed package - who knows if it was a sincere call or just a low-ball offer by Ainge in attempt to steal an injured player who had increasing tension with his front office at a discounted price. If it was a serious inquiry, my guess would be that it was a package structured around Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, and next year's Sacramento pick.

Let's hear your thoughts on all of this!

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