Paul George is interested in playing in Boston

Remember when half the Boston Celtics fanbase would have lost it if we landed Paul George?

And now, here we are, mildly entertained by the thought that George might be interested in playing there.

That's the general (and in my opinion, correct) read I'm seeing around the Boston media sphere after an ESPN SportsCenter video surfaced in which Paul is saying he might be interested in playing in Boston in a conversation with Dwyane Wade.

I wouldn't put too much stock in this, as it's likely a combination of hypothetical fantasy and leverage ploy, but if nothing else, it's a testament to the position Boston is in.

Whatever happens in free agency, it seems unlikely the Celtics will be involved in any of the big-name transactions likely poised to go down over the next few days.
And even if we've moved on from erupting into a frothy mess every time a top-50 NBA player might shake loose, it's still nice to be at the top of such players' lists.

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