Cs' Assistant GM Mike Zarren reportedly a top candidate for 76ers GM

When the wolves are at your door, it's because they know there's something of value inside.

With the price of success comes those who would try and poach a bit, stealing away the personnelle who helped construct the organization that caught their eye through the difficult task of succeeding in the NBA, and this is - as we predicted - the case for the Philadelphia 76ers now that they have parted ways with their General Manager Bryan Colangelo.

Without diving into the dumpster fire that is the 76ers organization over the last half-decade, the team is now effectively rudderless at maybe the worst possible moment of that half-decade-long disaster, only beginning to emerge from a highly-polarized rebuilding strategy that has already seen them sack another GM to, uh, improve the image of the organization by hiring the guy who's just dragged everyone he works with.
Way back when this debacle began, the organization was seeking a new face to lead it into the future, and the Boston Celtics' Mike Zarren was asked to be that guy, and said no. Fast forward to the present, and they've renewed their interest in one of - if not the - most in-demand Assistant GMs in the league, said by some to be a potential heir for Danny Ainge, in fact.

Should Boston be concerned about losing one of the brightest minds in the organization? Absolutely. Whenever something like this happens, there's always a risk that whatever wasn't there in the past could be different in the present - but if reports about how much of a Boston homer Mike is (and with a very real path to fill the mighty Red Auerbach's shoes one day not too far off), I don't think Celtics fans should be worried, at least not yet.
If we hear he's taking a meeting, however, dial up the alert to 11. But as long as Boston's doing well, and pulling off crazy deals like they have been, the wolves will be right outside the door, howling to get in. To the 76ers ownership, on the off chance you stumble across this, I hear David Griffin is available, and might just be adept at working with a certain free agency target of yours - go get 'em!
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