A surprising analysis of Villanova's Omari Spellman per NBATV's Greg Anthony

In this morning's NBATV broadcast, analyst Greg Anthony had some surprising things to say about Villanova's center/forward, Omari Spellman. I had written previously in CelticsLife on Spellman as a potential draft pick for the Celtics in the NBA draft to be held tomorrow.

There are currently four Villanova prospects expected to be taken in the first round or early in Round Two. In the current SI Mock Draft, Mikal Bridges is slotted at #10, Donte Divencenzo at #19, Jalen Brunson at #27 (where the Celtics will be picking) and Spellman at #44 in Round Two.

Ironically, Boston may have an interest in the last three players. With the uncertainty surrounding the future of both Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier, Divincenzo is often compared to Smart, while Brunson could serve as a possible replacement for Terry. Omari, at 6'9.5" and 250 pounds, could very well fill the role of small-five or big-four for Boston. Here is what NBATV's Greg Anthony had to say:

"Omari Spellman has the highest ceiling of all four guys (Bridges, Divincenzo, Brunson, Spellman) at the next level. 6'9" - 7'2" wingspan - terrific shot blocker - excellent perimeter shooter - finishes extremely well - he's a solid passer - in today's NBA, bigs have to be versatile - I think this kid in time has a chance to be prolific at the small-five or big-four position."

All three of Villanova's other prospects are expected to be taken before Spellman, so Anthony's projection that Omari has the highest ceiling of all is somewhat surprising. I had broached in a previous article the possibility of the Celtics buying a second-round pick since they currently don't own one. It would be ironic if they did so and drafted two Villanova prospects, one with the 27th pick and the other in Round two.

NBA teams are always looking for that Draymond-Green-in-the-2nd-round type of pick (taken at #35 in 2012), and it is always possible that Omari may be that guy. His main issue could be his weight and body fat percentage. He was once at 290 pounds and 24% body fat and measured 254 pounds and 13.75% body fat at the Draft Combine. His body fat percentage was one of the highest, with most falling in the 4-7% range. A level of 13-plus percent is too high for an NBA player, and Spellman's goal is now 240 pounds and 10% body fat.

The NBA draft takes place tomorrow, and expect, as always, Danny Ainge to be ready. He is never boring, and neither are his teams. We won't know if Spellman actually does have the highest ceiling of the Villanova foursome until a few years have passed, but he is an interesting prospect for a Boston team that could use a big man as versatile as Omari.

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