Will Brad Stevens have Gordon Hayward in uniform today "to mess with people"?

Remember when Brad Stevens joked about putting Gordon Hayward on the playoff roster for this season. Not totally a joke, since that is just what happened.

Gordon is supposed to be with his teammates at TD Garden for Game One against the Cleveland Cavaliers today at 3:30 PM. Hayward has been all but invisible lately, working with a running coach in Indiana.

Gordon was also part of the Celtics walkthrough at practice "just to have him back out there", according to a tweet by Chris Forsberg. It all makes sense. It must have felt good for Hayward to be back in any venue with his teammates who have accomplished so much this season.

My next question is - could he also be part of the warm-ups prior to the game? Could he be in uniform just to feel more a part of what is taking place? NBA coaches have a good time messing with opposing coaches' (and players') minds. Brad is no exception.

Gordon will certainly not play in today's game, and the better chance is he won't play at all in the playoffs. But he has stated that he feels like an athlete again, and that is good enough to warm up with his teammates in uniform and launch some shots. If I am missing any rules or regulations forbidding this, please excuse me. When you have the mind of a Brad Stevens, you need to mess with the minds of your rivals.

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Photo via Winslow Townson/AP