Video: Is there a chance Brad Stevens leaves Cs for Duke?

When you're as good as Brad Stevens is at coaching, people tend to project career changes to their own liking, regardless of whether it makes sense or not.

More than once, Brad-to-(insert university here) has been a rumor floating about, causing Boston Celtics fans to roll their eyes.

Such a rumor has popped up yet again, this time connecting him to the Duke Blue Devils, currently helmed by Mike Krzyzewski, will be Brad's for the taking when Krzyzewski retires in the coming decade.

Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports, however, is having none of it.

Watch the video below to hear his reasoning - personally, I'd have to agree. Why would you leave a situation like Stevens' current one? He's the apple of the league's eye, heading the winningest team in his sport's pro history. What could Duke, prestigious as it is, possibly have to offer he would not get in Boston?

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Image: Richard Mackson/USA Today
Video: Dan Patrick Show
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