Video: 2017-2018 Boston Celtics bloopers and funny moments

The 2017-2018 season has come to a close for the Boston Celtics. Their incredible run was memorable, falling one game shy of the NBA Finals without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward.

The season also had its fair share of funny moments and mishaps, captured in the annual Celtics Life blooper reel. Watch the video below, and let us know in the comments what your favorite funny moment was (or if we missed anything!)

If YouTube isn't working, try Dailmotion.

Video includes:

00:04 Marcus Smart goaltends Kyrie Irving's layup against the Golden State Warriors
00:23 Jayson Tatum misses an alley oop
00:32 The ref during a Celtics-Nets game trips on nothing and falls
00:42 Jayson Tatum misses a dunk against the Nets
00:53 Aron Baynes gets tangled with Russell Westbrook and gets his shoe untied. Westbrook then attempts to posterize Baynes while he is tying his shoe
1:07 Marcus Smart gets kicked in the "sleigh bells"
1:15 Guerschon Yabusele does the bow and arrow dab
1:37 Jayson Tatum pays tribute to Yabu's bow and arrow dab
1:45 Al Horford continues his history of flinching on rebounds
1:56 Marcus Morris gets ejected and slaps the ref's butt on his way out
2:10 Abdel Nader misses 4 free throws in a row
2:28 Jayson Tatum blows another dunk attempt vs the Knicks
2:41 Shane Larkin makes CJ Miles do the worm
2:58 the Boston Celtics tell each other really bad jokes
3:42 Marcus Smart draws a foul on James Harden to win the game, Cedric Maxwell has an epic reaction while broadcasting live on the radio
4:03 Tommy Heinsohn says he has seen Aron Baynes in the shower and he looks like "all of Australia"
4:10 Kyrie Irving tells a Philadelphia fan "suck my d!ck," causing the Celtics to go on a 16 game win streak
4:15 Philadelphia native Marcus Morris chants "E-A-G-L-E-S" during Brad Steven's press conference before the Superbowl, leading Stevens to jokingly call for his suspension
4:23 Morris joins Stevens in another press conference just before the Superbowl tip off, wearing an Eagles jersey while Brad is dressed in a Bill Belichick inspired cut off hoodie.
4:34 A Sports Illustrated reporter asks Jayson Tatum what Danny Ainge smells like
4:44 Terry Rozier screams "Baby Fooooooood"
4:48 Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris talk smack to each other before a Wizards-Celtics game
4:57 The Marcus Smart ninja flip
5:02 Daniel Theis air balls a lay up attempt
5:14 Marcus Smart misses a wide open 3, gets his own rebound, misses a second wide open 3
5:25 Jaylen Brown misses a dunk vs the Bucks
5:41 The balls hits the official in the stomach, everyone stops playing except Tatum, who gets an easy bucket
6:03 Daniel Theis misses another lay up
6:16 Al Horford discusses the piggy back ride he got from Aron Baynes
6:37 Adbel Nader gets pranked
6:45 Jaylen Brown cuts Kyrie Irving's post-game press conference short by telling him "I'm sick of you"
7:06 Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward tell the press that they considered teaming up in Cleveland in 2013 during Hayward's restricted free agency, but then LeBron came and ruined it
8:04 Giannis scores a basket for the Celtics in the playoffs
8:23 Terry Rozier accidentally calls Eric Bledsoe "Drew Bledsoe," igniting a beef with Eric and a bromance with Drew
10:07 Joel Embiid kicks Marcus Smart in the groin
10:16 The Philadelphia 76ers think they won the game and drop confetti, but the game goes into overtime and they end up losing
10:30 Jayson Tatum video bombs Al Horford's post-game intreview screaming "Playoff Al, baby!"
10:34 Kevin McHale says the Morris Twins "look an awful lot alike"
10:40 Joel Embiid talks trash to Marcus Morris, who signals that the Celtics are up 3-0
10:54 Marcus Smart commits "the worst inbound pass in NBA history"
11:10 Jeff Van Gundy gets bored during the Celtics' blowout of the Cavs, starts discussing a hypothetical arm wrestling match between Semi Ojeleye and Guerschon Yabusele on air
11:40 The TD Garden crowd chants "f#ck you JR" after JR Smith pushes Al Horford in mid-air
11:55 Marcus Morris yells in Tristan Thompson's face, inspiring a variety of memes