The 76ers' GM is probably going to be fired, & that might be bad for BOS

The big NBA story of the day is the alleged Twitter scandal placing Philadelphia 76ers President of Basketball Operations Bryan Colangelo as the face behind several Twitter accounts that were critical of Colangelo's players and staff over the past season.

It's not just innocuous stuff, either - there's disclosure of Joel Embiid's medical information, talk about how personal trauma may be behind Markelle Fultz' shooting woes, and much, much more which may make his position with the team untenable.

On one hand, this may benefit the Boston Celtics in their quest to rule the Eastern Conference next season and beyond, as a management shake-up just as the team starts to truly move out of the rebuilding phase hardly will instill confidence in prospective free agents, and could leave the team scrambling to deal with draft-related issues at exactly the worst-possible moment.
But on the other hand, there's a very shallow pool of General Manager candidates out there who'd be willing to take on such a promising yet volatile, and one of the best options might just be the Celtics' own Assistant GM, Mike Zarren.

He's been linked to GM searches several times already, and while a notoriously rabid Celtics fan, as an architect of many of Danny Ainge's best trades, would instantly become a formidable foe with all the tools at his disposal in the 76ers asset warchest.
So, while there's something to be said for enjoying the schadenfreude from a downfall of what some might consider an usurper imposed by the league, don't go too hard - there's always a chance this bites Boston a bit, too.

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