Joel Embiid talked more trash after Game 4 altercation with Terry Rozier

Game 4 between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers didn't leave much reason for Celtics' fans to be excited. Their team turned over the ball too much, was out-rebounded, was dominated in the paint, and just plain-old didn't show the heart that helped them to win the first three games of the series so convincingly.

But there was one, particular moment from the game that got fans out of their seats. It was a play that had Tom Lane comparing a current Celtics' player to the hard-nosed, never-known-to-backdown, Danny Ainge. 

The sequence happened after an offensive foul was called on Terry Rozier, who hooked JJ Redick while bringing the ball up the court, nearly smacking Philly's shooting guard in the cheek. The whistle blew and the play was dead.

Joel Embiid, however, took no notice of the whistle. He attempted to strip the ball from Rozier, slapping and swiping at the ball like he was swatting at an annoying fly that was buzzing too closely.

After the game, Embiid said some super idiotic things about the scuffle.

For one, there were no punches thrown. That's a clear as day jersey-grab. An enthusiastic, powerful, and aggressive one? Yes, but still, nonetheless a grab.

Secondly, of course Terry can reach your face, Joel. You're not that tall. Don't walk around trying to make people believe that you're some sort of half-giant, Hagrid looking dude. Because you're not.

Also check this out, Joel.

Look at that vertical! Looking like he just stepped off of a trampoline, or is in a zero-gravity gym. Just floating fifty feet off of the ground for the slam. I wouldn't be surprised if Terry could firmly plant his feet on the top of the Empire State building on this leap. Soaring.

I also think that Embiid should have considered history before he started a beef with Scary Terry. The last guy to get into it with TRo was ridiculed until he became a folklore-legend, of sorts. He can probably still hear his name being chanted violently throughout the Garden, and now there's memorabilia to mark the occasion. The rivalry, and how Eric Bledsoe lost it, will never be forgotten. 

Terry had a different message after the incident.

You are damn right that Scary Terry is afraid of no man! He is the nightmare! He is the monster living under the bed! Joel Embiid better smarten up unless he wants to be kidnapped in his sleep.

Game 5 is tomorrow! Let's go Celtics!

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Photo: Sporting News