Jayson Tatum & Terry Rozier among top-10 scorers in Conference Semi-Finals

Jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier are in great company when you look at the top-10 scorers thus far in the Conference Semi-Finals.

Rookie Jayson is tied with Stephen Curry in fifth place averaging 23.3 points per game. Third-year man Terry is in 10th place at 19.5 points/game.

Lebron James leads the pack at 34.0 points/game, followed by James Harden at 30.5 PPG. The King is in his 16th season, and Harden is in his 9th. Kevin Durant has been in the NBA for 11 seasons and comes in third, followed by 6-year-man Anthony Davis.

Curry has toiled in the league for nine years. Kevin Love (10 years) and Chris Paul (13 seasons) are tied for 9th place. Joel Embiid is in 7th place and has played one-and-one-half seasons in the NBA.

There are only three youngsters in this group and they are currently facing each other in the Eastern Semis. It is T-Ro and Jayson versus Joel, and they meet again tonight in Game Five in Boston.

Joel Embiid is not a huge surprise. His size, talent and versatility are very apparent. He can be difficult to stop. Jayson came into the League playing like a seasoned vet, and he keeps improving his game. No shocker that he is in this mix, but it is great to see the kid there.

Scary Terry is a whole other matter. Drafted 16th in 2015, it is at least somewhat unexpected to see him in the top-10 scoring list. But he is there nonetheless, and deserves to be. He has improved his game considerably by working hard on his weaknesses. A tip of the hat to Brad Stevens for guiding Terry and Jayson to this level so quickly.

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Photo via Christopher Evans/Boston Herald