Green Envy: What Sixers fans said - Game 5, 5/9/18

The Boston Celtic defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in five games, 114-112, to move onto the Eastern Conference Finals! They'll meet the Cleveland Cavaliers for Game 1 in Boston on Sunday afternoon! Let's go!

Jayson Tatum led the way for the Celtics with 25 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists. Jaylen Brown dropped 24 points on 10-of-13 shooting. Terry Rozier had 17 points, Al Horford added 15 points, Marcus Smart finished with 14, and Aron Baynes tallied 13 points.

Top Five

I only got one thing to say to you Coangelo, "How's that Taintum taste?"

This series has really lowered the hopes for the future for me.

our next 1st round pick is gonna redshirt his first year anyways

Lol Dwayne Casey will be the coach next season

Paul george got knee surgery today....he’s def a sixer

On Young Guys

Trade Ben for Kawhi while we can

I bet Fultz is relieved to have the season over. Now he can shoot in a gym without having 10 reporters streaming it on Twitter.

We need Fultz to stop F’N around and grow some balls.
Our important guys made too many mistakes. Theyre young. We'll grow

Gonna be a lot of pressure on these young guys after this series. Simmons played like dirt for most of the series. Fultz is gonna get ripped to shreds Embiid walking away early.

Ben stayed on court congratulating Boston. Jo the sore loser crying on the way to tunnel.

Ben finishes the series -63 in 5 games. TJ finishes the series +41 in 5 games. Yet down the stretch every game the ball is in Ben's hands when it's obvious that he doesn't have it this series.

that was an absolute choke job yet again. this entire series was embarrassing. from Brown to Embiid to Simmons to Covington to Fultz. just all around pathetic.

On Brett Brown

We will get owned by Brad Stevens every year. Brett Brown has an entire arsenal of tool to use yet he only uses one in every situation.

Switch coaches & we win the series 4-1

our coach failed us miserably

Brett Brown better learn from this.

I'd put this series on Brett. Not his best coaching performance.

We flat out choked away 3 out of our 4 losses

we lost because Brett and Ben weren't good enough

Always have to go through the Boston Celtics?? Shut up Brett

Plz go get stan van gundy.. its a blessing he is available. Go. Get. Him. Now.

If they ditch Brett after this season, I'm done with this team until ownership changes.

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Refs cost us a game by calling some ridiculous fouls in the 4th and then not calling that on Baynes on Embiid’s last shot. Boston can go **** itself. So can Adam silver. - For the record, I like the Boston Celtics and Adam Silver. 

We choked, came up small in big moments, and made killer mistakes. They are just as young but they didn't choke. We did. We gave them 3 games. Just handed 3 of them over to them on a silver platter.

Aand the most funny thing is, redick is +11, game high, LMAO

Redick, Belinelli, Covington, and Ilyasova can get way far away from this team and never come back. They choked when we needed them most. That was such a choke. We had a 4 point lead with 2 minutes left and choked it away. Again.

Boston has Hayward and Kyrie coming back. They're going to destroy us for the foreseeable future if we don't start nailing draft picks with legitimate ballers. Not role players or busts.

Paul george got knee surgery today....he’s def a sixer

I'm sorry, there's no polishing this turd.

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