Green Envy: What Sixers fans said - Game 3, 5/5/18

The Celtics pulled out a wild win in Philly tonight, beating the Sixers in overtime to take a 3-0 series lead. I'm not sure if the Celtics necessarily won the game or the Sixers just couldn't stop throwing up on themselves, but either way a win-is-a-win-is-a-win. In this one Philly pulled out all the stops: Atrocious late-game turnovers, terrible coaching, premature confetti, and an extra 5 minutes of all of it!

Top Three:

Brad Stevens is the Jeff Bezos of nba coaching.

Colangelo should be fired for giving up two lottery picks for Fultz. Heard so many people claiming Tatum would be the worst pick, how wrong they turned out to be

Cmon boys. My wife is having a wine club at my house tonight with 20 drunk and very loud women. I can’t handle that if we lose.

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The road to take control of this series starts tonight!!!! Let’s go!!

Kevin Hart will not be in attendance tonight
If they win tonight, Sixers have to ban him.

I’ve got a good feeling about this one. Could be all the booze I was drinking earlier though.

I refuse to feel any sort of positive emotion between now and the end of the game

Is Tatum’s elbow a rookie? Seems to be getting mucho respect.

Ugh, already some questionable refereeing

I can’t wrap my head around what the officials have against the Sixers. Conspiracy theorist in me says the league office wants to still punish the Sixers for the Process.

I hate this series.

Covs position needs upgrading. He is the anti-playoff Rondo

Let’s all take a second to recognize just how much better Doris Burke is than Ian Eagle and McHale.

Doesn’t look like we have made any game plan adjustments from last game

Of course we get Marcus Smart with the Deep Range Deadeye badge this series
I’m calling Marcus Smart Dick Deadeye for the duration of the series. We all need more Gilbert and Sullivan to lighten us up at this difficult time.

If we jack up 100 3s and make 30 it’s a win to brown

Seems like we have weights in our sneakers today

everytime cov is by the hoop i just assume it’s not going in

Like an election, I don’t see a path to victory. This series is just about over.


that dunk just changed the entire course of this series. mark it down.

something about aron baynes i can’t stand. that dumbass mini man bun he has
The thing I can't stand is that he whines a lot while being a dirty player himself

Rozier doesn’t seem able to miss shots in the 2nd half of games in this series

why do we keep watching and expecting different results?

If we lose this series B.B. should get one more year then boot his ass out after
I’m no GM but B.B. is not the problem. I don’t see some other shitbird coming in and making this team beat the Celtics with this lineup

TJ with the novel idea of DEFENDING Rozier. Who’d have thought that would work.


feels like the sixers are trying so hard and celtics are just playing their game

Ben Simmons Missed Dunk:

Sigh Ben……sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I'm fucking DONE. Take it Donovan, you earned it smh

Put it down with two hands ASSHOLE!

Ben's series in a nutshell right there....

Ben missing that dunk, it’s a sign from god

What a depressing series of events

There's something wrong with my TV set...because the picture shows that TJ just made a great pass, Simmons missed a dunk and our genius head coach take TJ???…out. Time to call the TV repair man.

That's why 76ers is doormat forever. (Janos?!)

End of Regulation/OT:


season on the line? Let JJ play point guard.

Release JJ before game 4. That is unforgivable.


holy shit beliiiii

wow I'm horse now thought it was a THREE....thought I won the lottery and find out it was a practical joke.

We pull this off JJ owes Marco steak dinners for life
it was ben's fault.


confetti? really? its game 3.
they have confetti after wins in december.

Someone prematurely confetti’d

This confetti delay is a major win for the Celtics.

Come on guys, you can't lose after that.

Every single time I see a Celtics player shoot a fadeaway I just assume it goes in. That way if it doesn’t I’m pleasantly surprised

BB is having a nervous breakdown

damn tatum is good man
sadly this

i cant take this game. it is destroying my soul

I have to eat my words, Tatum is an animal. He’s already better than Gordon Hayward.
we may have made a bad pick but thats Colangelo for ya

Let’s agree: Embiid has been trash in OT.

Whenever they figure out that putting the ball in your 7'2" center's hands 30 feet from the basket IS A BAD IDEA. We’ll be in business….

Brad Stevens called a timeout, imagine that! Brett Brown start taking notes.

The 76ers again cannot make a play in a key situation. I don’t have a good feeling about this

Let’s give the ball to one player who’s barely walking upright to end game. Love embid but he is dead tired and liability

Same play as last time. Brett fell for it hook, line and sinker. Ugh.

Why are we playing with no coach? now

Better Rookie wins

what a depressing end to a surprisingly great season. i might not even watch game 4, why torture myself

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