Green Envy: What Cavs fans said - Game 5, 5/23/18

The Boston Celtics took Game 5 in style, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 96-83! The Cs are one game away from the NBA Finals. Who woulda thunk they'd make it this far!? Cavs fans were NOT happy with their coach or star player after this one...

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hmm not playing that good, but also looks like the fix is in and we are going 7

Need hot (not “hot mess”) JR tonight.

Only took a couple minutes to see how this would go. Lbj was done from the start

As far as I'm concerned, we may as well start the offseason talk now. The series is over.

if LeBron is gassed before a game even starts, it may not even go 7.

LeBron's effort on D drives me nuts

The only thing I took from that game is Lebron threw it. The amount of chances we had to come back and the amount of times he passed it to some shitty roleplayer instead of making something happen was a surefire sign. He knew nobody on the team was making shots.

LeBron's play reminded me of the first time he left Cleveland faking an elbow injury.

Cavs put a horrendous team of nobodies around him.

Lue's stubbornness with JR is costing the Cavs a lot.

After yesterday's game I'm ready for this series to end. If you can't show up on the road then you don't belong in the finals.

No reason our backcourt has disappeared and choked all 3 games. I wonder if LeBron is over it too. Wouldn't blame him.

A very pedestrian game from Bron. When LeBron is passing the ball off 30 feet from the hoop you know it's going to be a long game. But again, a very piss-poor performance from everyone else.

Play Cavs basketball? This quote is scary....kind of sounds like it's over?

Not sure what the cast of misfits, knuckleheads, outcasts, outsiders, rascals have for us tonight

This Jekyll and Hyde team can be so disappointing

Our starting goodness sometimes you just want the misery to end. Do you guys really want to see Hill and JR vs Paul/Harden or Curry/Klay? It would be a bloodbath

The Celtic weren't that good tonight, we were that bad.

They played hard and the Cavs wilted like a ponzi scheme.

No Osman once again to provide some umphhh for a few minutes was insane. The man is one game away from finding his body in a trash compacter via Gilbert.

We have issues now. Real issues.

Someone has to help LeBron more. The problem is, several of these guys are older and a bit worn themselves

As far as this series, feel like it's going 7 and someone on the Cavs not named James & Love need to sack the fuck up and ball. I don't give two shits if they'll get smacked in the finals, beat, fucking, boston, that's it. Worry about the finals when they're there, if they're there . . .

Honestly guys, we should have just got rid of wade at the trade deadline. We badly miss shump's ability to defend on the wing and even Rose's ability to drive to the hoop to score some points. The bread and butter guys with experience are gone and we ended up with younger inexperienced guys who are now chocking on the big stage.

When you spend an entire game struggling to score, you gotta try your lineups that have had the easiest time scoring. Simple as that.

Lue stank BUT guys gotta make shots.

Lue sounds lost at his presser. Not a great night for the Lue Truthers.

Cuz Korver, the lankiest dude in the world, matches up so well with thic af Ojeleye!?!?!?!??!?

I mean this isn’t rocket science. Anyone with half a brain sees he NEEDS to be out there, especially when JR Smith looks like the worst player on the floor by far. JR Smith played 26 mins and had 2 points. How do you even do that?

Just an insane level of incompetence shown by Lue that if your LBJ, you have to be wondering why Korver was not playing more.

I saw almost none of this game, and am glad.

Boston sucks, unfortunately so do we lol

Our defense held them to 36% shooting and our offense generated pen shots that we missed.

You try carrying a bag of bricks for a month

LeBron has to be jordanesque for the Cavs to win the next 2 games. By that I mean that he has to punch Ty Lue in the face.

Now we have to win a Game 7 in Boston. Not good.

Put hands up

How can we still be having rotation problems at this point of the playoffs?

I don’t claim to have all of the inside information but it sure seems like our coach is in over his head, and has been all season.

I’ve never seen a team in the playoffs change their starting lineup as much as the Cavs have this year. It’s gotta be a NBA record.

we don’t deserve to play in the finals

JR has been a bum for 2 years straight now.

I just got off work, and am pissed. Not playing Korver was retarded, keeping LBJ on the bench to start the 4th was retarded, Love’s defensive breakdowns were ridiculous, LBJ lazy passes were awful, free throw shooting sucked

Can someone try to call NBA office and send amount of money to let Cavs win??

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