Celtics take their 2.9% chance of landing pick #2 or #3 into Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery

Tonight was supposed to be the night for the NBA Lottery, but it will now be next Tuesday. The Celtics of course no longer own any Nets picks after the Kyrie trade. The Cavs now own that pick and own a 9.9% chance of jumping into the top 3 in this highly touted draft. The more likely outcome is they stay stay at #8.

Since the Celtics only own the Lakers pick (obtained in the Fultz for Tatum swap) if it lands 2-5 and it has no chance of landing 4 or 5, the C's will go into tonight with a 2.9% chance of coming home with number 2 or 3. Worst case scenario is if the pick goes #1 and Philly gets it. The most likely scenario is the pick goes #10 and would belong to Philly, but wouldn't be the end of the world. The Celtics would then own the Sacramento Kings pick next season (unless it goes #1, then we'd get Philly's crappy pick).

2.9% is pretty long odds, but anything is possible. We'll give you the draft breakdown as soon as it goes down..