Watch: Terry Rozier says he talked with Eric Bledsoe after Game 7

Terry Rozier's on- and off-court clashing with Eric Bledsoe was an unexpected gem found in the rubble left over from the Milwaukee Bucks-Boston Celtics first-round matchup.

More than once, it looked like it might erupt from a rich source of comedy to downright fisticuffs, but when the Celtics emerged victorious, the amicable postgame exchange between the two players was almost as surprising as the appearance of Drew Bledsoe on the jumbotron.

That special appearance was as much for the botched attempt of Scary Terry to name his defensive assignment in an interview as for Drew's place in Boston history as a member of the New England Patriots, made especially relevant by the SNAFU and chippy exchanges.

Watch the video below to hear Terry's thoughts on the series, Game Seven - and, of course, his exchanges with Eric "Drew Breadstick" Bledsoe.

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Image: Jesse D. Garrabrandt/NBAE
Video: Mass Live
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