Video: Is it ever ok to root for a Laker?

As a Celtics fan, rooting for the Lakers is just not something you do. This season we had extra incentive to root for Laker losses as the Celtics owned their pick if it fell 2-6. With almost half the league tanking the final couple months of the season those odds have dwindled to about 3%. So when the Lakers recalled gray haired, 32 years old, ten year G-League veteran, Andre Ingram, for the final two games of their season, hoping he had a decent showing to remember when he checked into his 1st NBA game, didn't seem so bad.

Ingram's performance not only wasn't just decent, but he shined. And the Lakers still lost in the end. Possibly a fairy-tale story about a Laker even Celtics fans can get behind. Still won't fault you if you disagree.