Twitter outage during the postseason highly inconvenient for obsessive Celtics’ fans

How did we get to this point?

Somewhere along the line, after generations of technological advancement, we began using instant information as a coping mechanism. When Twitter suffered technical problems for just under an hour on Tuesday, we discovered that we’d lost the ability to move forward with life without the regular #Celtics updates that we have become so dependent on.

During this period, hundreds would have explored the best alternative ways to contact beat writers to check up on Marcus Smart’s recovery progress. Can you even phone the Globe directly for this kind of thing?

Let this be a lesson to Celtics Twitter. We are more than mere members of an online community, we are living, breathing people beyond our handle and avatar. We should learn to live without hot takes and ridiculous trade rumours at the click of a mouse, for the next time this kind of devastation strikes.

Stick together guys, Ubuntu.

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