The Celtics vs. Bucks series is heating up thanks to Marcus Morris

The Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks series has had plenty of excitement. In Game 1, the Celtics stunned by having five players score at least 19 points. In the series's next game, six players in green scored in double-figures, and Jaylen Brown dropped 30 big-ones. It's been a fun series to watch, filled with plenty of headlines to keep any Celtics' fan aroused.

But until late in Game 2, the series had been missing something: that ferocity where both teams clearly dislike each other. The heat between certain players, where, when both are on the court together, you can feel the intensity through your T.V. screen. The personal rivalries. The hate. 

Until now. 

In last night's big-time 120-106 Game 2 victory for the Celtics, the drama began sometime early in the fourth quarter between Marcus Morris and Khris Middleton

Middleton played tough defense on Morris, but it was barely clean. He was pushing Mook a bit on the play, which caused some friendly trash-talk. The shoving continued as both players ran down the floor, Morris to get back on defense, Middleton to get in position for the Bucks' offensive possession. 

The pot had been stirred. 

A few plays later, Middleton took the ball up the floor, drove to the hoop, and was fouled hard by Morris. Middleton hit the floor, and Mook inquired about how the parquet felt. Obviously, tensions on the court rose.

Morris walked away from a potential scrum, and used the energy to his team's advantage by waving to the fans, imploring them to get loud. It worked.

So, it's official: the heat has been brought, and it should carry over to Game 3 in Milwaukee. Mook, at least, thinks so.
But then again, the Milwaukee Bucks' fanbase isn't a notorious one. I mean, at this moment, tickets for Game 3 in Milwaukee are going for less than thirty-five dollars. Can you imagine even a regular season game at the Garden going for that price? Me neither.

Morris and the Celtics will need to bring this intensity to Wisconsin, where they'll have a chance to sweep the Bucks.

It's also nice seeing that Marcus Morris has fulfilled the role that he set for himself at the beginning of the regular season. 

Here's Mook's full post-game interview from Game 2:

It's starting to feel like playoff basketball.

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Photo: Boston Herald