Shane Larkin on Jayson Tatum - "could be a top-5 NBA player"

Rookie Jayson Tatum came to the Celtics with little fanfare. No one really felt he was the next coming of John Havlicek, Larry Bird or Paul Pierce. Just a nice kid with quite a bit of potential.

Then he stepped on the floor and got our attention. This was no ordinary lottery-pick rookie. He didn't just have potential. He was very good right away. And he just kept getting better and better as the season progressed, all while proving his durability by playing in every game. Fellow Celtic Shane Larkin recently had some words to say about Jayson and what he can become:

I have written previously that I suspected that even though Tatum came into the League listed at 6'8", I felt he had not yet reached his full height and may be 6'9" now, with the possibility of getting to 6'10". Included in Shane's statements is the following.

"...and he's 6'9" at 20 years old. He may not be done growing!"

Whatever his height, this young man will be a star - probably an All-Star - possibly a superstar - even top-5 NBA player as Larkin suggests. He has been playing a little bit at the point recently, and with added muscle weight, he could fill in occasionally at the five. No one is sure what Jayson's ceiling is, but it could be much higher than anyone expected after being drafted third in the 2017 NBA draft.

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Photo via Mary Schwalm/Associated press