Green Envy: What Sixers fans said - Game 1, 4/30

The Celtics put on a show in TD Garden Monday night to capture a win over the Philadelphia 76ers. With Aron Baynes making a pair of threes, Marcus Smart getting under peoples' skin, Jayson Tatum and Terry Rozier combining for 37 points, and high hopes for Sixers fans coming into Game 1, there was a long list of things for Philly to complain about. Here's what they were saying as the C's poured in 117 points on the night.

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There was a guy on here that argued with me just this past summer, that TJ McConnell was a better player Terry Rozier because of Rozier's TS%. Funny then. Sad now.

Fultz sitting there thinking about his next emo IG post and if Boston has Chic-Fil-A nearby....while Tatum is dropping nearly 30 on us in a playoff game.
What a Puss.

Where Celtics find this Rozier Boy?

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We haven't hit a shot beyond 5 feet. Boston's lucky they aren't down by 20 already.

You all need to relax. We're gonna pound these guys.

Simmons the human turn over

Cough cough could have had Tatum but got a scary Fultz on the bench

Jayson Tatum is so nice. Would have been nice to just take him at #3.

Boston and their fans are the best whiners in the world... even better than the Pens.

Where Celtics find this Rozier Boy?

wish kyrie was playing because he cant shoot like this#### rozier

Have a good night see ya all Thursday
I remember Patriot fans talking about how they left the game only to hear how they came back to win the Super Bowl...
We ain't no

To much champagne from the Miami series.

OMG Brown.... coach for a few mins will you?

Everyone wanted Boston. Well you got them. SMH

It took 5 minutes but I've realized how much better we are than them without Irving and Hayward. Wow.
What about after 48 minutes??

I'd personally prefer if we could make a shot.

Rozier has come to punish us for years of memes

*Milwaukee Bucks fan*
Rooting for you guys. Celtic fans are absolutely unbearable.

homecourtrefs they got

Morris complains about every foul. By every single player.

Can’t wait for a Terry Rozier vs LeBron ECF

We could leave Rozier open all game in game 2 and he ain't sniffing 7/9 from 3. Such an annoying hot streak he is on.

Never saw this coming. Just humiliating..

Shut up smart. You’re the cheapest little turd out there.

Boston fans can do better than a rookie chant...disappointed in that.

Marcus Smart is the fakest tough guy, man tells stories of him growing up in the hood... he's from Flower Mound.

This game can be chalked up to one simple thing: the crowd.
Yes. GREAT outing by the crowd tonight. Some big time shots.

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