Green Envy: What Bulls fans said - 4/6/18

The shorthanded Celtics got themselves back on the winning track with a victory over the Bulls. Jaylen Brown dropped a career-high 32 points and Greg Monroe messed around and got himself a triple-double. A guy with the last name Bird shot the lights out and another guy who just signed his contract today iced the game in the 4th. I'd say tough day for the Bulls fans, but most of them wanted to lose.

Top Three:

Baynes is a wiener

I can't wait to root for this roster first game of next season but right now every good play is just death by a thousand paper-cuts.

and i think to myself what a wonderful tank

Omer Asik Fan Club:

Asik just checked in and he already looks exhausted Lol

Asik to Fred: "you must be truly desperate to come to me for help"

Plz give me an Asik poster
would be more gratifying than a championship honestly

Asik be like "oh noes no more I can't"

- Fred Hoiberg

Asik is literally about to die on the bench

Omer legit looks like he just ran a back-back marathon, dude can barely stand.

He drank like nine beers today and got caught off guard by Hoiberg. Great tank strategy.

Asik got a bucket! Happy for him. Sad for our tank.

Full Slate:

Of course we'll win this one because we're supposed to not win but we always shoot ourselves in the foot.

i think the bulls win this but i hope the celtics pull it off

Celtics fans are obnoxious Irish-wannabes

Does anyone have a Bulls stream? Boston's commentator's already have me wanting to kill myself.


Seriously who's the fat dude who keeps blocking people?

We really might f*** around and win this game

I'm so tried of these bums on this team playing good
It’s not worth getting mad about at this point
when a higher pick is still possible it is and im watching literal g-leauger players play good you can't do nothing but get mad

Damn that Bird can fly

Just put everyone from the 98 Bulls on the court and we'll master the art of tanking. And it would be fun to watch a 55 year old Jordan balling.

I feel like Holiday yells "Kobe!" in his head every time he shoots.

Why are we good
Why are Celtics doing this to us on purpose is the question...
Celtics are resting players and don't care.

This is like some moneyball line up shit, it's not supposed to work but it does

Holy hell with the Knicks looking competent and the Kings playing the Grizz, we HAVE to find a way to lose this..

Why they cheering? They're losing to a terrible team

i love that Morris sank that three but it kills me to hear Celts announcers laugh on it happily. So much mixed feelings...

Bobby looks to sideline, Fred tells him Knicks are up by 18.
Bobby smiles.
Bobby gets himself ejected.

Jabari Bird with the tank save lol


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