Green Envy: What Bucks fans said - Game 7, 4/28/18

Celtics win in Game 7, 112-96 over the Milwaukee Bucks! Bring on the Sixers! 

Per Bucks fans, things need to change in Milwaukee....

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Giannis has to spend this summer taking jumpers, games like this show how limited he can be in a halfcourt set.

makes me ill watching this team

The Celtics have a vision. A steady coach n scheme. We dont. Hopefully soon. Good run

In all reality it’s probably better the bucks didn’t win. They’re just not a good enough TEAM to win against philly

Lot of criticism in here for Bledsoe, without whom the Bucks would have been down 30 going into the half.

The only positive about this season is that the players didn't actually fight one another at one point.

Actually the roster can stay more or less for one more year. Get a defensive-oriented coach who will make an example of guys publicly when they play bitch defense

I love Jet but anytime he plays this much its just a red flag. Over with

Sick of these putrid first quarters that have us running from behind all night.

Hire Hinkie now.

Hey, but we made the playoffs...the Bucks' mantra the last 30 years, in the better seasons.

Its finally over, everyone. The Kidd/Prunty era has ended. It was tough but we got through it together.

Prunty better be fired tonight

lol at people who thought we would win this game.

Let's get the firings started.

Clean house in the front office and coaching staff or basically guarantee Giannis is gone and irrelevance for Bucks basketball for the foreseeable future

I hate myself for liking this team.

Rozier and Bledsoe hugged. I told you guys they would hug.

blow it up

Sell high on Giannis?

This team sucks, Fire Prunty before the press conference...

i guarantee bledsoe is thinking to himself that he needs better teammates

Rule 1: Never get your hopes up as a Bucks fan. You will be disappointed every single time.

Let's be very clear how far away we are from winning a playoff series. We are not good enough to get home court and we could not beat a home court team missing two of it's three best players. Three of four if you count Hayward.

Hopefully we can get all those things by hiring a coach after playing years without one.

Like Rozier says.. no matter what, we have each otherZ thick n thin. Boston will beat Philadelphia too. Watch

Give me professional management, a real coach, and nail this draft pick. Biggest off-season in my lifetime.

Giannis needs to learn how to shoot, no more excuses.

Clean House, Danny Ainge provided a blueprint for LED

Let the true playoffs for the Bucks get started. Let's win this HC/FO search!

Ready for a purge

I didn't do the math, but I figure Snell got around $1M for every point he scored in the series!

could give a **** about boston/philly or any other series until the finals. i'll be watching movies

Bucks should pull a Trump and fire Prunty on Twitter and refuse to let him fly back on the plane. #LoserPrunty #Sad

Never thought we'd win because are you seriously trusting the f'ing Bucks to win on the road in an elimination game? 

But man, the way we lose is just so infuriating. One of the dumbest, mentally weak teams I've ever seen. We might have had trouble with Chicago in a 7 game series once they adjusted a bit

I'd say it's the biggest offseason in the franchises history (sorry if you old folk think hyperbole). LED gotta change, man. Can't waste Giannis or fall further back.

The Bucks have a good future because Giannis is going to keep getting better. But the future vanishes when he does.

That was just disheartening. Not a single soul was up to the moment.

Jabari got killed on d. Thon got pushed around. Snell was invisible. These things are not new. They are why we knew we had issues.

I'd rather have seen the team go out swinging. They went out whimpering instead. Which is why it was so disheartening...

I believe Giannis is gone if they don’t advance next year.

Wake up. The owners don’t really care. This city means nothing to them.

Easily Prunty’s worst game this year but he did throw JET a nice retirement party

Going to Mexico for the week, this will be a much needed vacation to unplug and prepare for all the dysfunction that is about to take place in our most pivotal offseason ever.

Bye Kidd, Prunty, Sweeney thanks for ruining this opportunity with the best young Bucks talent I've seen in my lifetime.

Giannis looked defeated, feel bad for him.

Has anyone blamed Aaron Rodgers yet?

i feel angry. im relieved that i still have alot of beer and tomorrow is a sunday

Yeah man, Its one of the few times in my life I can say with certainty I wasn't having fun watching basketball.

Prunty is currently updating his LinkedIn profile

If this team was a dick it'd need a few dozen Viagras.

What a pussy fart way to lose a game 7.

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