Green Envy: What Bucks fans said - Game 5, 4/24/18

Marcus Smart made his triumphant return to the TD Garden floor last night, much to the dimsay of the Milwaukee Bucks and their fans. The Celtics looked like their defensive-minded selves in Game 5 as they held the Bucks to 87 points while shooting just 36.8% as a team. However, many Bucks fans are saying (and these are great fans, the best fans) that the no-call on Al Horford's shot-clock violation certainly cost them the game.

Top Three:

I’ve followed the Bucks long enough to get a feeling that this could be a bad game for us

I'm very relaxed watching this game because again I made the right choice and went with bourbon straight up.

Silver lining: We shot way worse this game than all the four before.
Anti-silver lining: That might be bc of Smart’s return and Stevens’s adjustments.

Rozier-Bledsoe Beef:

Wish Bledsoe could channel some of that energy into the actual game

I'd be cool with kicking both of them out. Would be a positive for us.

For once, I do agree with Boston fans. Bledsoe does suck

Full Slate:

i find the "beat the freak" chant a little offensive.

horford must get nightmares guarding giannis on the block after last game

i don’t wanna get too suckered into the bias refereeing debate, but now they’re tripping our players off the ball after buckets?

I somehow stumbled upon an NBC Boston stream. They might be the worst commentators I’ve ever heard
One of them old farts (don’t even know or care who he is) said "I hope he freezes to death" for Khris.

Giannis is so long that even after seeing him so many times I am still amazed

Oh no Marcus Smart

Not sure we need Thon riling up the crowd, but he’s so uncoordinated I don’t think he can stop accidentally shoving or hitting people.

Bucks in 6, BTW. Bucks in six

Bledsoe can't stay in front of Shane Larkin. How pathetic

I'd be ok if Bledsoe didn’t take another shot until the 4th quarter…or for the rest of the game

so you are telling me that triple teaming Tatum was necessary… what a trainwreck

At some point some open 3s should start falling right?

LOL Bledsoe saying to the team we gotta wake up

Giannis against Horford has been disastrous all series
Giannis got the flashy dunk on him, but Horford has either drawn a foul or scored seemingly every time against him.

Did Rozier just taunt the Bucks bench after that shot, isn’t that a tech?

back to regular season offense

A serious dumbass created these offensive sets and another idiot is still rolling with it. So unimaginative and archaic.

Bledsoe must be taking some serious cash from the Irish mob this series

None of these two teams look like a playoff team imo....
One is playing defense though

if the bucks simply either had some players who were able to catch and shoot effectively—and a coaching staff that could execute a basic HS offense—the team would be really hard to beat.

why do we employ freaking Tony Snell? The guy sucks

Tony Snell's best contribution this series has been padding our offensive rebound numbers

no more 4 year contracts for inconsistent role players

when are aren't clicking, we are miserable to watch

Is it our D or O (or both)?

Parker is really something when he's engaged.

Is Middleton dead?

I know it must have been a bad game if Shabazz is playing crunch. I’ve missed most of it, thankfully

Giannis fills up the box score but is essentially invisible, Bledsoe might as well have a Celtics jersey on, and the role players generally sucked.

Wow.... Middleton came to play this series
Annnnnd he misses the FT. Sweet

that was shot clock violation what are the refs doing

SHOT clock?

He didn't get that shot off...

Ummm....shot clock?

We don't deserve to win tonight, but certainly doesn't help when you play 8 on 5

Did we just avoid fouling Smart and then wait like 5 seconds, then foul Horford?

NBA does not benefit from the succes of "small market" teams.

I feel home teams get the favorable calls in general as a business decision
the Bucks didn’t really get favorable calls that I remember when we were home

I am so tired of fighting against the refs all series.

well we made it close at least? ¯\(ツ)/¯

Considering how we played, I'm sure we would've lost regardless of the shot clock error

I don't wanna hear the commentators keep saying the Bucks are young. Bledsoe is a vet, Khris is a vet. The Celtics give tons of minutes to Ojeleye, Tatum starts, Brown starts, and Rozier is really young.

who is the idiot that paid tony snell to be on a professional basketball team?

That shot clock bullshit has me livid. I feel like I’m going to throw up.

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