CL Pod 63: Talking Boston's playoff future & beyond with Jeff Siegel

It wasn't long ago Boston Celtics fans were getting ready for the second round of the playoffs after taking an early 2-0 lead in their first-found matchup with the Milwaukee Bucks.

How can Boston counter the newly-energized Bucks, and if they make it past them, what things will they need to address in a second-round matchup?

Once the season is over, who will be suiting up come October? 

Can Boston afford both Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier?

How will Danny Ainge structure the team in seasons to come given all the potential star talent already on the roster?

Our regular listeners have heard the opinions of the CL Pod team on all these issues at one point or another, but with so many important issues headed Boston's way in the coming weeks and month, we decided to call in a special guest to provide expert opinion on all these topics and more. Join us as Justin Quinn welcomes Early Bird Right's Jeff Siegel to shed some light on all things Celtics, and get to know his new site - an invaluable resource for cap nerds and casual fans alike who want to know what makes teams tick, both on-court and off.

You can also find Jeff's work at Blazer's Edge, Fear the Sword, Peachtree Hoops and the Step Back, where he covers the Portland Trail Blazers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks, and basketball more generally, respectively. Be sure to follow him on Twitter - you can find him at @jgsiegel - to stay up to date on his latest work.
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