Brian "White Mamba" Scalabrine holding a meet & greet - at WalMart?

Brian Scalabrine is a national treasure.
For those of you too young to remember White Mamba on the court, he was something of a glue guy for the Boston Celtics, the team's Jonas Jerebko before Jonas became the Swedish Larry Bird.

He's had an even better career as a color commentator for NBC Boston, teaming up with the likes of legendary Celtic Tommy Heinsohn to call games, and producing all kinds of fun segments with present and past Celtic players. So, a "meet and greet" with such an interesting part of Boston's history - should those be up your alley - awaits you, if you can get to Worcester by this evening. 

The weird wrinkle to this story is that it's at Walmart.

I have no idea where this location came from, as I would think TD Garden, a sports bar, gym or even a bookstore would make more sense than Walmart, but I'm not his publicist, and some of you probably actually like that fine purveyor of plastic crap. I digress, but if you are interested, check the tweet below for more information. And if you want to try to nab tickets for the game on Thursday, be sure to check here before time runs out.
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Image: Gary Dineen/NBAE
Video: MassLive
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