Watch: Jaylen Brown's FULL Harvard Askwith Forum Talk

 The Boston Celtics' Jaylen Brown is a bad, bad man on the court.

He's also an outspoken man off it, and his interest in everything from venture capitalists to social justice has caught the attention of people who wouldn't be caught dead at a basketball game. To that end, Jaylen was invited, as the event page noted, "to discuss education, race, and institutionalized sport, and how athletes can use their public voices to advocate for change."

It's a great talk, and covers a wide range of topics, followed by an extensive question and answer period. When you've got some time, kick back and give it a watch - it's a very good talk, and as a graduate student, you can believe I've sat through enough not good talks to know.

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Image: Brian Babineau/NBAE
Video: Harvard
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