Video: Marcus Morris and Terry Rozier highlights vs. Wizards 3/14

The Boston Celtics might have been short-handed, but they certainly didn't act like it.

"Next man up" was the philosophy of the evening in the matchup against the Washington Wizards, and Marcus Morris had a great night playing against his twin brother Markieff (who had an even better night, but we're not here to dwell on that).

"Scary" Terry Rozier had a fine outing as well, putting up 21 points, five boards and nine assists, bailing the Celtics out at several key junctures until the supporting cast couldn't hold up their end of the bargain (to be fair, we're mostly talking about the supporting cast's supporting cast on most nights). Watch the videos above to see T-Ro and Mook's highlights from an unexpectedly close tilt on national television.

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Image: Gannett/USAToday
Video: Tomasz Kordylewski/Boston Celtics
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