Video: The Boston Celtics try to spell "Guerschon Yabusele"

It's a lot easier to spell Guerschon Yabusele on the hardwood.

Of course, what I mean by that is it's easier to sub in for Yabu the Dancing Bear than it is to spell his name, and as a Boston Celtics sports blogger, I speak as someone who had to double check I'd got it right for months after his draft (I'll have to use my imagination for the on-court part, but I think the point stands).

So, you'd think guys who work with him every day would have that long and winding name down pat by now - but maybe those days with the Maine Red Claws induced a little amnesia in his teammates. Whatever the cause of the video above, watch it yourself to see just how wrong some of his teammates manage to get the dancing bear's appellation.

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Image: Cameron Browne/NBAE
Video: Boston Celtics
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