Three billboards outside Cleveland, Ohio - LA & Philly want Lebron James

This is going to get out of hand! I am changing Lebron James nickname from The King to The Drama King, and the theatrics are not only produced by him. Now we have three billboards outside Cleveland, and they mirror the drama found in the Oscar-worthy film, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

The plot does not end here. A fourth billboard went up outside Los Angeles geared to recruiting The Drama King and outdo the 76ers by promoting LA LA Land. I acknowledge James as one of the top-5 NBA players of all time, even while he is still playing, but this is getting ridiculous. If he is moving on again, can't he do that without a lengthy press conference or having the landscape plastered with recruiting posters?

Five seconds into the above video, Officer Dixon sees the three billboards and asks Jerome, "What the hell is this?", to which Jerome replies simply, "Advertising". "Advertising what?" Dixon asks. We don't have to ask about the Lebron billboards. We know the what and why. We don't know the where or when though. Don't leave your seat. You may miss the next scene.

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Photo via Chelsea Howard/Sporting News
Video via Fox Searchlight