Departure of Ray & Tony Allen from Celtics- matter of value & respect

Tony Allen was the first of the Allens to leave the Celtics. It was in 2010, two years after Boston's 2007-08 Championship season. It is ironic that Tony left, in part, because he felt overshadowed by teammates Paul Pierce and Ray Allen (per Wikipedia):

On July 13, 2010, Allen signed a three-year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies, reportedly worth $9.7 million. Two weeks after signing with the Grizzlies, Allen revealed he felt 'overshadowed' in Boston by teammates Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.

It was not simply about being overshadowed. With Tony Allen, it was also about being undervalued (per Boston.Com's Gary Washburn):

Chicago born and raised, Allen has swagger, bravado, and an ego. And in the summer of 2010 when he was a free agent, that ego told him that perhaps his talents would be appreciated more elsewhere.

Ray Allen left Boston in free agency in 2012 for similar reasons. In a heart-felt interview with Barstool Sports, Ray let it all out in his always-gentlemanly manner.

Here are several key quotes from Ray contained in the tweet:

"The organization (Celtics) wasn't valuing me."

"I had to choose between Miami, Memphis and Minnesota."

"You (Celtics) sign everybody else before you come to my table."

"What I did (with Celtics) meant nothing to anybody."

"Your job - if they don't cherish or value you."

In an era where many people dance around tough questions and say almost nothing, I found this interview refreshing. We have all been there. Working at something and getting little notice, respect or even acknowledgement. Tony Allen left because he felt overshadowed and under-appreciated. Ray left for similar reasons.

There are two sides to this story, and Danny Ainge certainly has one that he can no doubt support. The Championship team of 2007-08 included a number of talented players with the usual egos on display. Heated locker room confrontations on too may occasions, but in the end, that team won. It all worked. Coach Doc Rivers had his hands full keeping the troops in line, and Danny Ainge had to deal with egos, salaries and the future of the Celtics. The interview is direct and to the point on the parts of interviewer and interviewee. Well worth watching.

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