Playoff rosters lock today. Will the Celtics add anyone?

Today, March 1st, is the deadline for teams to add waived or bought-out players to their rosters before the playoff push begins. It is expected that teams across the NBA will make some last-ditch efforts to improve their rosters while they still can.

The Boston Celtics don't seem to be one of those teams. They're deep enough as is, a fact that has been proven over their last two games. Against the Memphis Grizzlies on Monday, the bench scored 52 points, and last night versus the Charlotte Hornets, the same unit dropped 61.

Brad Stevens was asked about any possible additions after last night's 134-106 victory over Charlotte, and the coach seemed to believe that the team would stay as they currently are.

Even if Danny Ainge did want to bring someone in, the player would have to be willing to sign for baby money. The Celtics are currently over the NBA's salary cap, so any added player would need to be signed to the league or veteran minimum.

There is still time for players to be bought-out by their current teams, and then quickly signed by another squad, but that possibility is unlikely, as the deadline will officially pass in just a few hours.

There are also some intriguing free agents who are currently on the market and could potentially add a punch for any playoff contender. Former Celtic and defensive force, Tony Allen is still unsigned, as is Derrick Rose.

It will be interesting to see which teams make moves before todays deadline. The Boston Celtics, however, seem to be content with their current squad.

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Photo 1: Boston Globe
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