Green Envy: What Thunder fans said - 3/20

What a game! Celtics win near the buzzer!  

Jayson Tatum led the way with 23 points, 11 rebounds, and 4 assists. Marcus Morris finished it off with 21 points, 4 rebounds, and the final second game winning three pointer. Final score: 100-99

Here's loads of despair from OKC fans! 

I'm not watching another game this year. Playoffs included.

That's the first game I've decided to watch in forever and we lose to the Celtics D-Team on a bunk, contested, one-dribble three-pointer by Marcus Morris.

Worst L of the season. Stupid team

I. ****ing. Hate. This. Team.


We couldn't even break 100 points against the Celtics without bleeping Kyrie, Brown, or Smart.

Why did I decide to watch? I hate this feeling. So much.

Fire Billy Donovan.

We had the Celtics D-Squad on the ropes. Up six with under a minute to go and we freaking lose?!?!?!?!?!

They were playing a G-League squad and were flat all night long. Thought they were great again because they went on a little streak.

I would blame the players first. Westbrook played so well 2 days ago with a very high BB IQ (he didn't take any bad shots and only a couple of 3's I believe) and tonight he was pathetic.

This is an inexcusable, pathetic, top three loss of the season. 

I'm at a loss for words. I don't know... something something something ....BIG FAT L.

You know this is going to start another backslide that causes us to miss the playoffs.

Even worse! This starts a backslide that ends in a 7-seed or 8-seed and we have to endure four games of this pathetically disciplined, pathetically coached team lose by an average of 15-20 points to the Warriors or Rockets; the two teams I think most Thunder fans hate more than any other team in the NBA

At least we could/would bench Kanter. We’re just stuck with Melo.

Do what I did, disengage emotionally.

This team is so volatile mentally. 

typical OKC

Now Marcus Morris is making bunk shots and we bobble a simple pass and it falls out of bounce.

Well, the opposing coach is one of the three best coaches in the NBA. Meanwhile, by comparison, we have a toddler coaching our team.

Of. F***ing. Course.

Fire. Billy. Donovan.

We already know we have a bad coach but Westbrook was beyond garbage tonight.

For the love of God can we please stop this 11 man rotation nonsense. It's embarassing. Just pick your wing backups and give them a constant role.

These **** idiots. Thought they could come in and just sleepwalk to a win.

guess we're back to being trash.

**** you, Carmelo!


Dear Billy Donovan,

Just because our opponent is injury depleted and missing three of their five best players doesn't mean your dumb*** has to get cute and try even more idiotic lineups than usual.

Kindly **** off,

Every Thunder Fan Everwhere

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