Green Envy: What Suns fans said, 3/26

The 2017-2018 season has not been a fun one for fans of the Phoenix Suns to say the least (what season in recent history really has been for them?). Sporting one of the league’s worst records heading into tonight’s game, Phoenix dropped to an abysmal 19-55 on the year after a 102-94 loss to our Boston Celtics.

On their second night of a back-to-back, the Green kept things rolling as they’ve now won four straight amidst their recent plague of injuries. Suns fans were none too impressed by their squad’s lackluster performance at home and had a few things to say. Check them out below in this game’s rendition of Green Envy.

First Quarter -

Before things even got underway some Suns fans already felt the team was doomed ...

"I can't think of a basketball team I'd rather watch less than the Phoenix Suns without Booker"

"Without Booker the Suns are gonna need all the luck in the world or Wilt Chamberlain to come back from the dead to play for them if they want to win"

And as the game began it didn't get much better ...

"Yeahh we're missing Booker but the Celtics are missing pretty much every player I know from them besides Brown and Tatum"

"I thought the Suns actually might have a chance of winning this game tonight for a second LOL"

"This is gonna be a long night for us #Suns"

Second Quarter -

As the second frame got going, it seemed Suns fans started to turn their anger more towards the refs ...

"No whistles and we're playing at home, like come on refs we know we're gonna lose don't force it down our throats"

"Yes we suck but the refs suck too tonight #Suns"

And then their own coaches ...

"Why isn't Ulis playing more, he pretty much beat the Celtics by himself last year late in the game"

"Maybe we should bring Watson back so we can go back to being a 24 win team instead of 20 or whatever we'll end up having"

Third Quarter -

The halftime intermission clearly didn't do much to ease their pain ...

"I don't even know why I actually stop to watch the Suns for a minute while I'm surfing through channels"

"FS1 Arizona is down on my TV for some reason. Not that I'm missing out on much though"

But then the Suns started to crawl back into the game ...

"Did we actually just erase a 20 point lead pretty much? Is this real life? #Suns"

"We're gonna win this game if the refs don't give it away to the Celtics, calling it now"


Fourth Quarter -

Unfortunately, the run would end just as quickly as it got going for Phoenix as the Celtics got hot again ...

"Typical Suns. We come back and get my hopes up only to blow the game right after breaking even. I hate this team some nights"

"I'd say put Ulis htack in to try to get another run going but its over. I hate myself for getting my hopes up"

And as the game was about to end, the boo-birds we're on the prowl ...

"Remember when the Suns we're actually good still #SaidNoOneEver"

"That was two hours of the worst basketball I've ever seen in my life. I want my money back"

And the best comment of the whole night ...

"Send the Phoenix Suns to the Pac-12"

... At this point, why not?