Green Envy: What Raptors fans said - 3/31/18

The wounded Celtics took on the mighty 1st-place Toronto Raptors at home Saturday night. That very same team they had no business catching for the 1-seed imploded late in the 4th quarter to cement yet another C's victory. Now the Raptors have lost 3 of their last 5 games and the fans from the 6 are already letting the panic sink in for another pourous playoff showing from Canada's favorite dinosaurs!

Top Three:

playoff raptors came early

Man I was hoping morris punched CJ in the face

Who knew you could throw CoTY in one game?
Brad Stevens did. He knows everything.

Flagrant on Rozier:

Damn, that Rozier fall looked rough

Did he his his face on his own knee?

Looks like the Celtics are a fifa team now lmfao

Terry took a Stone Cold Stunner

Full Slate:

i don't get why ppl write off celtics so easily for playoff. They are a legit good team, even without Kyrie they can beat the best there is in the league. nevermind playoff exp i don't really see that being a problem

Are the Celtics better than us

Might as well kiss the #1 seed goodbye! Last part of the season, Toronto has fell apart.

Game over. We're not gonma get 1st seed.

I seriously dont know what we do in practice.

This is a bad look. Raps got punched in the mouth tonight. And they've been getting punched lately without any appropriate response.

Boston get these win by traveling all game and phantom calls

Gotta make shots and gotta get stops, thats how we can come back.
Good point.

That play made me puke a bit in my mouth.

NBA players cant handle a zone smh

We're literally just turning it over for zero reason. Like, they're losing it dribbling not even from defenders getting their hands on it.

Games like this are why people think we still a joke.

We play like ass after extended rest.
Weren't we all saying we they were tired and needed a rest earlier this week ?
Yup. This is the problem

LeBron watching this game licking his chops...

Why scramble our rotations away for a team plagued with injuries. This is such a weirdly coached game.

I will never trust Casey in the playoffs, even if this team goes 82-0 in the regular season

There is something really wrong with our team, guys.

I am stressed like I always am about playoffs now :(


I want to believe but it hurts to live

Why does this feel like the year we got swept by the Nets in the 1st round, all over again.......

Looks like the Leafs are gonna lose as well. Hey at least the Jays won today.

Man we used to be the shit, what happened to us
Don't worry we're definitely shit

Can we trade cj for tatum?
Maybe for Nader

This is why no one is scared of us.

We getting swept first round

We're making Horford look like Shaq

CJ baby what is udoing baby
Actually laughed at this even though this game got me in a bad mood

I had NO idea CJ's favourite dessert was the turnover!

If we lose in the first round I’m never watching basketball again

boston just adding to the pain at this point.

ISOball is back bitches. You know what that means, L’s

The Celtics zone was simply amazing to behold

IMO Brad is COTY. His squad does consistently well. Casey has done great, but I just don't see why he'd deserve it over Brad.
Stevens has dealt with waaaaay more adversity

Stick with the plan guys, we ain't winning the finals anyways, but know we keep drafting and making the playoffs every year

out played. out coached.

Bye bye first seed

I stayed up til 4 am for this shit.
Yeah that was a bad choice Fammmm

Goodbye 1-seed

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