Green Envy: What Magic fans said - 3/16/18

It's tank season in Orlando these days, so a loss to the Boston Celtics doesn't come as a major surprise to the Magic faithful. The C's lineup might be ravaged by injuries, but it didn't matter for this one. A 31-point first half had Magic fans feeling pretty low on Friday night.

Top Three:

This can either be long and painful or fast and exciting. I wish there was an in between.

Biz is destroying these Celtic g-leaguers

We better get two more threes so I get my free chickens sandwich tomorrow

Rock Bottom:

If things go like this we could challenge our franchise low score.(56 in 2012, also against Celtics)

cmon new franchise low lets do it!

And here I thought the Spurs game was rock-bottom for the year.

Even by our standards this is bad. Bench everyone, but DJ, Isaac and Iwundu.
We have standards?

The team that score over 120 on Wednesday to fuck up the tank may not get 65 tonight. Everything other than JI makes me want to vomit

Why am I watching this

Full Slate:

I totally forgot they picked up Greg "Black Vuc" Monroe.

Feel like I haven’t seen a nice oop for a while. Miss Payton he’d be getting Isaac easy buckets at least.
The "X" celebration between EP and AG was one of my favorite things ever.
I’m not crying you’re crying

I can’t wait until Vucevic is gone. I struggle to want to watch the games as long as he’s on the team.

So Dallas is up double digits and they also play the Nets tomorrow. We will most likely finish with the 3rd or 4th worst record.
And Elfrid has his revenge game coming up. We can root for him again 😂

Did everyone stop watching to start their weekend already?

I can't quite put my finger on it, but Isaac seems like he overextends vertically on his shot. Its like he's trying to throw the ball straight up or something.

boston has insane energy. This is some 2015 cavs finals level offensive rebounding and hustle

so what are these vogel rotations? is simmons and vuc never coming back in?
Maybe we are finally deploying some tanking rotations. Its about damn time.

Isaac is straight bullying all of his opponents rn.
What's that saying again..."Never trust a skinny bully" ?


Brad Stevens sure is a helluva coach. He's got 4 true NBA guys and the rest are scrubs but they're killing us.
Yep. He gets the best out of his team. Kind of like Stan. He’s the opposite of Vogel.

I swear Vooch is some sort of cancer on this team. His attitude just permeates through everything.

Oh hey a center who dunked instead of throwing up a weak floater

If Mack is on the roster next year we riot.

Whole lotta Celtics fans in the crowd
Probably the locals that were NBA fans before '88 🤔
Maybe they’re celebrating St Patricks a day early ;)

The more I think of it... The more I love the fact we drafted Isaac. Defensive specialist. Offensive potential. Unicorn future.

Isaac is gonna win a DPOY one day he's genuinely special on D

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