Green Envy: What Bulls fans said 3/5

The Boston Celtics walloped the Chicago Bulls tonight in a 105-89 victory. Jaylen Brown led the Cs with 21 points on 9-of-13 shooting, Jayson Tatum scored 14, Al Horford and Terry Rozier dropped 13 a piece. Shane Larkin got the start tonight and hit all of his three shots, which were all three-pointers. He finished with 9. 

Top Comments:

Kyrie needs to rest his sore vagina - lol

Yeah, that’ll do it for me for tonight. - posted during second quarter

Bulls taking a dump on the United Center court tonight. this isn't even laying an egg, it's laying a poo

We look like puppies trying to fight a pack of hyenas.

This is what we really have. A terrible team with very questionable upside. truth. 

I’m glad this game was in Chicago and not Boston. I’m living in Boston and would’ve went to this **** show and been livid if I spent a dime to see this effort.

This is like watching NBA summer league

Pre-Game Delusion

I won't be surprised to see the Bulls win this game, especially being home and with Kyrie out. This board will explode with a Bulls win tonight.

Chalk up another win for the Bulls. Without Kyrie, Celtics just suck on offense.

Celtics are really bad team without Kyrie. Maybe bad enough where Bulls if they are hot can beat them. You look at that lineup I am taking Bulls 8 out 10 times

Pre-Game Reality

This will still be a loss without Kyrie. Bulls stink.

If I was Kyrie, I would rest my knee against the worst teams too, and we are one of those worst teams right now. That's just the reality of things.

Celts without Kyrie are a way worse team, and they are battling for the conference #1 spot, so resting Kyrie's knee for a game against us makes sense

The Celtics are still a 7pt favorite despite playing in Chicago without Kyrie. They should still be able to beat us handily.

No Kyrie, no problem.

The Tank is On:

Take the L

I believe....
I believe that....
I believe that we can tank...
I believe that we can tank!

This is going well so far. I'm not greedy, just give us #7

Bulls really playing like **** so far. Tank on!

Absolutely deplorable. I mean, yeah, go ahead and lose, please. But have some dignity!

I’m glad we’ll get the L, but LaVine and Dunn have got to get their **** together.

This is embarrassing. It's great to lose for the tank but our players aren't really improving at all.

C'mon Boston do NOT let us back into this thing.

Lose by 40 please.

And people were worried we were going to win this game?

Lots of Criticism:

Enfuriating first quarter from Lavine so far...

Lavine sucks.

”ISO Dribble dribble shoot miss” Lavine. That looks a bit horrifying. Ball movement has stopped almost completely. 

The more and more I see of Lavine, the less I'd want the Bulls to give him anything more than 15 mil/year. We can't keep ignoring the fact that he's been a net negative in each season of his career

This 15% shooting though...

None of the 5 starters look fluid or comfortable playing with each other

I'm sure there is a stat out there, but to the eye it does look like the ball movement just doesn't flow with Lavine and Dunn.

Dunn isn't doing a good job running the offense

Don't try to blame this on any individual guys. It is a poor TEAM.

Our passing has completely gone to crap.

This is good. Management and some our fans seem to be delusional about how badly this rebuild could and probably will turn out.

So they're running the "my turn - your turn" offense I guess...

I don't usually turn games off at the half but this is done, Bulls got nothing tonight

Lavine is awful tonight. Horrid in every possible way in this 1s

This is a low-IQ basketball team.

This is like watching a bunch of kids playing pick up in the park, not professionals getting paid millions of dollars to be the best at what they do.

The moment we traded Butler for such flawed players.

What is Bulls lowest scoring game in history? Regardless what it is I feel tonight we could break it.

Green Flattery:

Stevens is the best coach in the league. He could have a girls youth team on the floor and they’d still be out there competing hard. Said when Boston signed him that he was Ainge’s best move.

Boston's defense is a joy to watch. I had flashbacks of 2011 Bulls. I want to detest Boston, but it's hard to detest a Brad Stevens team.

Bulls are playing subpar offense but the Celtics are also playing elite defense. Haven't seen a shot at the rim all night that wasn't challenged by multiple players.

I believe that Zach and Kris would become good NBA starters under Brad Stevens. I am not at all certain that will be the case if they stay with the Bulls.

If the Celts ever looked lost under Stevens, that changed in a hurry. I recall watching them in Year 2, as a sub-500 team, and even then people were talking about how composed they looked, just didn't have enough talent at the time.

I wonder if Boston will give backup center Theis a 4yr 32mil deal on Day 1 of free agency?

Worst of the Night:

Relax there Stevens calling a timeout after bulls scored once lol. He’s acting like a big guy coach now

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